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EuroSac Natural Cotton String Bag

EuroSac Natural Cotton String Bag

  • Eco-friendly, Natural, 100% Cotton String Bags
  • Expands to hold up to 40 Pounds, much past the weight of a normal grocery bag.
  • Great fashionable way to replace the use of paper or plastic bags.
  • Perfect for Farmers Markets, Grocery Stores and Fresh Produce!
  • Comparable to Eco Bags and Cosmos String and Cotton Tote Bags

Our Eco-friendly, cotton string bags are designed for all of your reusable bag needs. From the grocery store to the farmers market, our green bags are eco-friendly and 100% cotton - which is better than paper or plastic. The reusable shopping bags are light weight and collapsible, can be easily stuffed in your pocket, purse or glove box. In addition, our eco bags expand to hold up to 40 pounds. These mesh bag are great as grocery bags, produce bags, farmers market baskets, beach bags and toy bags. Along with built in specialized tote handles, our bags are completely machine washable.

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     EuroSac Natural Cotton String Bag