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Earthmate EP3057AE 30-Watt Spiral CFL Full Spectrum Bulb, 6 Pack

Earthmate EP3057AE 30-Watt Spiral CFL Full Spectrum Bulb, 6 Pack

  • 30-Watt Spiral CFL Full Spectrum Bulb
  • Use 75% less mercury than regular bulbs
  • Last 10,000 hours, or about 7 years.
  • Energy Star qualified
  • 100% recycled paper packaging

This 6 pack of 30w Spiral Full Spectrum replaces a 125w incandescent bulb. It will emit a crisp white light which is good for bringing out color and clarity for reading, artwork and task oriented projects, and it will come on just as fast with no flicker! This will be the smallest 30w CFL 30w you will have purchased and will fit into more fixtures than another brand. It will last about 13 times longer than a standard light bulb, which can be as many as 7 years of life.Earthmate Lighting products are the premium in Compact Fluorescent technology both from a technological and an environmental standpoint. Earthmate?s commitment to quality vs commodity is evident in many features within each bulb. From our instant-on guarantee, longer life, richer truer color and high lumen output from smaller bulbs, Earthmate stands apart. Through technology innovation, we can use 75% less mercury than other brands in many of our bulbs, and 75% less energy than standard incandescents. Our packaging is 100% recycled paper and we only use soy based inks. Put all of that together and you have the most environmentally sensitive CFL brand on the market today. Together we can save some energy, some money, and help fight global warming by reducing greenhouse gases from our coal power plants. This 15watt Super

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     Earthmate EP3057AE 30-Watt Spiral CFL Full Spectrum Bulb, 6 Pack