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Mini RO System 50GPD

Mini RO System 50GPD

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This is our mini RO system which is designed for the smaller spaces under the sink.
..... Mini Four Stage RO System ..... Priced at $109.95 ..... If you want low priced/high quality RO drinking water at your sink; but do not want to use up a lot of space, then this is the unit for you. All parts necessary for a quick installation are included. (The filters, membrane, tank, faucet, tubing & fittings). This Mini RO System is only 6" wide, 14" long and 7" tall. The tank is 2.2 gallons and is 9" diameter and 14" tall . This will fit under virtually any sink. It can be mounted or will stand on the rubber feet. Super simple filter changes, no disassembling your system, the filters are all quick connect fittings. You are getting a fifty gallon per day NSF approved membrane which makes about 2 gallons of water per hour. The membrane removes 98% of the total dissolved solids from your water. When you combine a 50 GPD membrane with a 2.2 gallon tank, you have all of the water that you typically need.

Please take a close look at our hardware, it's all the very best AND it is quick connect. No wrenches, tape, glue or pipe dope needed, just push-in. Not a cheap metal strap supply valve, a solid top notch supply valve. The unit is shipped with a 50GPD membrane, a sediment filter , and two carbon filters assembled as pictured above. The instructions will show you how to quickly attach the unit (using the provided 25 feet of tubing) to your water supply line, the drain line, the storage tank line & the faucet line. All necessary parts are included for a quick installation, usually about an hour for a typical installation.

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     Mini RO System 50GPD