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Heaven and Earth Knock Down Rain Water Barrel, 102 Gallons

Heaven and Earth Knock Down Rain Water Barrel, 102 Gallons

  • 104-gallon collapsible rainwater and runoff-catching barrel
  • Heavy-duty, 3-ply UV-resistant polyester walls for durability and weather-resistance
  • Easy-access zipper hides filter to keep out leaves and debris; 5 heavy-duty resin legs
  • Includes overflow valve and threaded release valve for hose attachment
  • Legs slide in for easy assembly; stands roughly 32 inches tall

The only collapsible water barrel on the market, Heaven and Earth?s knockdown barrel catches roof water runoff for watering lawns, irrigating gardens and topping off birdbaths and swimming pools while cutting back on that summer water bill. Great for areas experiencing water shortages or water restrictions, the rain barrel comes with a filter, tap and overflow valve. Best of all, the barrel drains and collapses quickly for easy, compact storage at the end of the season.

The barrel is made of heavy-duty, puncture-resistant laminated 3-ply UV-resistant polyester for strength, durability and weather-resistance. An easy-access zipper hides filter to keep leaves and debris from rain barrel. Supported by heavy-duty resin legs, the barrel's overflow valve at the top keeps water from pooling up and attracting mosquitoes. Perfect for gardens and patios with limited space, a threaded release valve at the bottom lets you attach a hose to run rainwater to thirsty plants. Five heavy-duty resin legs offer plenty of support. Legs slide into the material for easy assembly.

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     Heaven and Earth Knock Down Rain Water Barrel, 102 Gallons