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Sprig Toys Side Kick Vehicle - Rally Racer

Sprig Toys Side Kick Vehicle - Rally Racer

  • This is a kid-powered adventure vehicle
  • This toy features battery free lights
  • Made from Sprigwood - a 100% recycled bio-composite material
  • Try using this driver in the discover rig to play a new story and sounds
  • Rudi Tootin is a world famous Artid racing guide, ready to rush through the ice and snow to reach the finish line

The Sprig Rally Racer is fun on wheels, with Adventure Guide Rudi Tootin' on board to help drive imaginative play. Rudi takes you on a chilly and thrilling arctic themed race adventure. Using the pump-action generator power to activate the light-only function, this Rally Racer allows children to make their own noises while still lighting up the hats of the Adventure Guides during play. Best of all, Mom never needs to buy or install batteries. The Rally Racer Sidekick includes Adventure Guide Rudi Tootin and brings a light-up function in any of the Sidekick vehicles and light-up and a new Arctic Rally Race themed sound adventure when placed in the Sprig Discover Rig. The Rally Racer vehicle and Adventure Guide are made in Canada from an eco-friendly bio-composite called Sprig wood using recycled plastic and reclaimed wood. Generate lights in an eco-friendly toy that requires no batteries.

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     Sprig Toys Side Kick Vehicle - Rally Racer