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Samsung Touch Of Color T220 22-inch LCD Monitor

Samsung Touch Of Color T220 22-inch LCD Monitor

  • 22" widescreen LCD monitor with ulltra-fast 2ms response time
  • Unprecedented 20,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • Low Power Consumption uses up to a third less power than other monitors in it's class

There aren?t other monitors like these anywhere. Of course.

Imagine being inspired by something old to create something completely new. When sand was fused with soda for the first time around 2500 B.C., a new material was created: glass. And now Samsung designers have fused a clear-as-glass plastic with an opaque, rose-black plastic, to create something completely new in the monitor industry: the Samsung Touch of Color Series widescreen LCD monitors. Luxurious glass-like frames with gracefully sculpted edges join with rose-black bezels to give a soft hint of rich red. The result is an elegant monitor that feels more like handcrafted artwork than a high-performance office tool. The stunning Samsung Touch of Color widescreen LCD monitors. The fusion of high technology and high style. With Samsung, it?s not hard to imagine.

They?re works of art. They?ll be a pleasure to work on or game on or whatever on every day. They?re an unexpected bright spot in an industry of sameness. And they?re exactly what you should have been expecting from Samsung.

Samsung values design every bit as much as we value technology. We go to work every morning too, and just like you, we want to feel inspired when we walk in the door each morning. We feel very strongly that every product we put our logo on should both perform better and look better than anything else on the market. The latest result of that way of thinking is the beautifully hand-sculpted-feeling Touch of Color series monitors.

Yes, it?s a pretty face. But it?s also ready to work.

You can?t just sit and admire your Touch of Color monitor all day long. At some point, you have to turn it on and start working. When you do, you?ll be every bit as impressed with the images as you are with the design.


Reduces Glare
While the crystal-like bezel frame catches light beautifully, it doesn?t glare harshly. In fact, it actually reduces refelection of light off the bezel. ToC monitors are easier on your eyes, in more ways than one.

Better and Safer
Since the rich red color is injection molded for a blown glass effect, instead of spray painted, there?s less environmental impact.

Lower Power Consumption

ToC monitors (T240, T260) are designed to be extremely efficient, and use up to a third less power than other monitors in their class. And the unique SoftPower off function lets you put it in standy mode right away, using just 0.3W.

20,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio

The ToC monitors continually analyze the input signal and adjust the contrast to match. The ultra-wide range gives you blacks and whites that are full of detail, even under adverse lighting conditions.

Ultra-fast Response Time

2ms GTG response (T190, T220) and 5ms response (T240, T260) ensure blur-free videos and gaming.

Exclusive MagicColor Technology
Samsung?s MagicColor technology gives you richer, more natural color by enhancing the color overall (Full mode) or by enhancing color without affecting delicate skin tones (Intelligent mode).

Exclusive MagicBright 3 Technology
You can make the stunning picture even better. Samsung?s MagicBright 3 technology gives you seven presets, so you can tailor your screen setting to the type of media you?re viewing. Presets include Text, Internet, Game, Sport, Movie, Print View and Custom.

Windows Vista Premium Certification
ToC monitors are designed to take full advantage of everything Windows Vista OS has to offer.

Customizable Hot Key
Want to open a favorite application with one button? Or connect to the internet? Or adjust picture modes? A customizable hot key puts your favorite preference or command at the tip of your finger.

Multi Screen Need some organization in your life?
Multi Screen can help. You can assign applications and open windows to different quadrants of the screen, and reduce desktop clutter. You can even specify that a certain application always open in a specific quadrant, so you?ll always know right where it is.

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