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Totally Bamboo Crumb Board

Totally Bamboo Crumb Board

  • Moso Bamboo is cured to not split or warp with time
  • Safe for the kitchen and uniquely attractive
  • Hand crafted in small production batches
  • Self-renewing sustainable alternative to precious hardwoods
  • Board measures 14- by 9- by 1-inch

Totally Bamboo's Crumb Board is ideal for cutting and serving breads of any type. The Crumb Board has an open pattern that allows crumbs to fall into tray underneath, keeping your workspace crumb free! No stains or paint are used to create the Crumb Board's scrumptious Honey shade. This color is created in a very specialized heating process which caramelizes the natural sugar in the wood; it is permanent and will not fade or wash out. Care: wash with warm water and mild detergent and occasionally wipe with mineral oil (do not clean in the dishwasher). An Ecological wonder, Bamboo is a grass that grows to a harvestable height of 60-feet in 3 to 5 years. It has an extensive root system that continually develops new shoots thus not requiring replanting making it an incredible self-renewing resource and a brilliant alternative to the wide spread clear cutting of our world's hard wood forests. Do the world a favor - Do Bamboo.

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