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10 Watt Solar Panel

10 Watt Solar Panel

  • 36 premier Kyocera solar cells connected in series providing optimum battery charging power.
  • Impact resistant tempered glass surface allows maximum light transmission.
  • Robust anodized light weight aluminum tubular frames includes mounting holes for quick installation.
  • Weather resistant junction box contains bypass diode and is conduit ready with strip connectors.
  • Engineered for the rugged location to withstand hail, snow and ice.

Our new high quality and economically priced 10 watt framed solar panel is perfect for trickle charging batteries or other small solar applications. Includes brackets for flat mounting.Specifications:Max. Power*: 10 Watts,Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp): 17.5 V,Current at Maximum Power (Imp): .6 A,Type of Solar Material: Polycrystalline silicon,Weight: 3.3 lbs./1.5 kg,Dimensions: 10" x 16" x 7"/245 x 410 x 17 mm,Connector/wiring info: wires, 18",Warranty info: 25 year limited power warranty from manufacturer*Measured at (STC) Standard Test Conditions: 25C, 1 kW/m2 insolation, AM 1.5

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     10 Watt Solar Panel