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Bamboo Collection Color Design Tiles, Trapecolo

Bamboo Collection Color Design Tiles, Trapecolo

  • Crafted from Highly Renewable Bamboo and stained in waterbased, childsafe colors. The Bamboo stands these games are made from mature to a harvestable state in only 3 years.
  • Trapecolo mosaics can be laid down together in plenty of patterns on the frame. The frame can stand to display the finished design.
  • Comes with a play tips DVD.
  • This Bamboo Collection set is a Great solitary activity. Bamboo toys have names derived from Latin for use around the world. The bamboo grain has a wonderful tactile feel and is enhanced with a bright water-based paint.
  • Ages 4 and up

Tripecolo is a creative play set of 180 brightly-colored trapezoid-shaped mosaics made of bamboo. Ideal for building endless patterns. The set encourages imaginative skill and the understanding of geometry and basic planning. The frame can stand to display the finished design. The Bamboo mosaic pieces are colored using water-based stains resulting in brilliant reds, oranges, yellows, light greens, light blues, violets and magentas. After years of research, extensive testing and a worldwide design workshop, HaPe International is proud to offer the Bamboo Collection, the world's first collection of bamboo games. Why did it take years? The challenge with bamboo, a giant natural grass that grows as tall as a tree, is its sensitivity to sawing, cutting, filing, dyeing, temperature and bending. HaPe realized the extensive amount of research and testing required but persevered due to the sustainability of bamboo and its economical and ecological value to the world. Once cut, bamboo grows back completely in a mere three years. Bamboo also combines lightness with stability and is flexible but very strong.

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     Bamboo Collection Color Design Tiles, Trapecolo