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Brita 42558 Aqualux Water Pitcher

Brita 42558 Aqualux Water Pitcher

  • Inccludes 1 pitcher and 1 filter
  • Capacity: Six 8-ounce glasses
  • Flip-top lid for easy refilling
  • Electronic filter change indicator
  • Certified to reduce chlorine, sediment, 98% of lead, and more

The Brita Aqualux Water Pitcher turns ordinary water into healthier, great-tasting drinking water without costing a fortune and without the waste of bottled water. With Brita's advanced filtration process, you can enjoy water that's free of harmful substances and unappealing chlorine taste. Despite its slim profile, this smartly designed pitcher has capacity of 48 ounces, making it perfect for the whole family.

The Brita Aqualux
Water Pitcher offers:
  • Efficient, compact storage
  • Capacity up to 48 ounces
  • Reduction of potentially harmful impurities
  • Clean, better tasting water
  • A convenient, electronic filter change indicator
  • A flip-top lid and soft-grip handle

Each Brita filter helps reduce waste by substituting for an estimated 300 water bottles.

A flip top lid makes refills easy, and an electronic indicator ensures that you know when to change the filter.

Purified water is a powerful way to keep your whole body revitalized and uplifted.

All Brita Pitchers are universally compatible with Brita Pitcher Replacement Filters.
Filtration System Reduces Harmful Contaminants
With the Aqualux Water Pitcher, you and your family can enjoy clean, better-tasting water straight from the tap. The pitcher's included Ion Exchange Resin filter acts as a magnet for impurities that are often found in tap water, such as lead, copper, mercury, cadmium, and zinc. The filter removes these impurities, reducing their potentially harmful effects. The filtering process also reduces that taste and odor of chlorine, thanks to a special sponge-like filtration system.

The end result is clean, better tasting water that is healthier for everyone. This is especially good news for children and pregnant or nursing women who are more susceptible to potential harm from lead and other impurities. Filters should be changed every 40 gallons or two months and are not intended for use with microbiologically unsafe water.

All Brita Pitchers are universally compatible with Brita Pitcher Replacement Filters.

Filter Change Indicator Ensures Healthier, Great-Tasting Water
Changing your filter regularly ensures that you will always have clear, healthful, great-tasting water. The Electronic Filter Change Indicator makes it easy to know when it is time to replace your filter. Every two weeks an indicator bar will disappear from your pitcher's electronic display. After two months, when all the bars have disappeared, an arrow will flash at the top of the display reminding you to change your filter. Reset your filter change indicator each time you replace your filter to make sure your water is always healthier and great tasting.

Smart Design Features Make Water Filtration Easy
The Aqualux Water Pitcher is built smart to make water filtration easy. The pitcher cover has a flip top so that you do not need to remove the entire lid to refill the pitcher. A contoured, soft-grip handle makes the pitcher comfortable and easy to lift and pour.

Stylish and slim, the Aqualux is designed to fit into your refrigerator door so you'll always have plenty of cold, filtered water on hand. Despite its compact size, the pitcher holds up to 48 ounces of water, enough for six eight-ounce glasses, making the Aqualux a practical choice for your family.

Improves Your Health and Invigorates Your Senses
Water is a vital resource in energizing your mind and body, and using a Brita Pitcher ensures that the water you're drinking is in top quality. It helps your body regulate its temperature, keeps skin clear and glowing, and aids in the transport of nutrients to the brain and other organs. It also acts as a powerful aid in digestion, metabolism, and detoxification. Brita recognizes the importance of water to human well being and takes special care to optimize the healthfulness of your drinking water, so you can keep fit and energized.

A Simple Way to Support the Environment
It's estimated that one Brita pitcher filter can substitute for the use of 300 water bottles, many of which end up in landfills. By using Brita filters, which are now recyclable through a Brita and Preserve filter recycling program, you lower your impact on the environment while benefiting your own health and possibly your wallet, too. Plus, your support of the Brita Products Company goes toward help environmental efforts like the Brita Climate Ride, a five-day bike ride whose participants raise money for climate change awareness.

About the Brita Products Company
The Brita Products Company is a leader in the production of freestanding water-filtration systems designed to improve the quality of drinking water by reducing its impurities. Heinz Hankammer, the company's creator, realized the need for enhancing the healthfulness and taste of potable water in 1966. He and his family first accomplished this goal under a pear tree in the family garden and have been working to carry out their mission ever since. The company is named after Heinz Hankhammer's daughter, Brita. As a corporation, Brita is committed to community and environmental outreach through projects like FilterForGood, a campaign dedicated to the reduction of bottled water waste.

What's in the Box
One pitcher and one filter.

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     Brita 42558 Aqualux Water Pitcher