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Purenex FT-1 Countertop Water Filter System

Purenex FT-1 Countertop Water Filter System

  • Reduces Chlorine taste & odors and improves taste
  • Features 1 Micron Solid carbon block Filter Cartridge
  • Easy to install and use - Inexpensive and Convenient
  • Great tasting more healthy water
  • Convenient - quality water right at your tap.

The countertop water filter is a great value, designed for chlorine treated water supplies-provides excellent filtration at an affordable price. Outstanding performance using a carbon block to filter down to 1.0 microns and filters chlorine taste and odor, sediment, rust, and particulate matter for sweet, clear, great-tasting water. The long lasting carbon block-replaceable water filter-included-provides 2,500-Gallon of great tasting, crystal clear water. That's about 3 cents per gallon without lugging bottles around! We recommend annual replacement of the water filter cartridges. Installs in minutes. Housing wrench and faucet adapters included. Poor water quality may reduce lifespan of filters.

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     Purenex FT-1 Countertop Water Filter System