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Mr. Quick Wick (Water Eater)

Mr. Quick Wick (Water Eater)

  • Absorbs 1000% of its weight in water and dries in the sun.
  • Folds around doors, windows, and tanks to soak up leaks instantly.
  • Heavy weight design stops air flow and stays where you put it.
  • Seals out cold drafts instantly and save 30% on heating bills.
  • "It the only one long enough," it stretches to 38 inches long with replaceable absorber

Breezy doors and leaky windows have met their match with our water absorbing draft stopper. Water eater stretches to 38" long by 3" in diameter, making it easy to use and store. No ooze solid media locks in liquid so you can't wring out a single drop. Quickly dries for reuse in a few hours of sunshine or place near a vent to humidify your whole house in winter. Antibacterial design resists mold and mildew when wet. The Water Eater is a nylon-encased "door snake" which is 38" long and 3" in diameter. The Water Eater can be molded to any shape and the best news; these moisture absorbent packs air-dry to be used again. Each water eater locks in about 1 gallon of liquid and is made of non-toxic material. You cannot squeeze out a drop of water. Absorbent material stays firm and will not ooze or feel slimey to the touch.

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