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OttLite(R) High Definition 18W Replacement Tube

OttLite(R) High Definition 18W Replacement Tube

  • Low heat, low glare illumination helps reduce eyestrain
  • For use only as a replacement tube with specific OttLite(R) lamps
  • Energy efficient -- rated to last up to 10,000 hours
  • Improves image detail with superior color rendering
  • Lowest Usage Point: 0, Highest Usage Point: 0

Use the Ott-Lite VisionSaver light bulb to capture the feeling of the great outdoors while sitting at your computer or anywhere in your home. This bulb simulates natural daylight, reducing eyestrain and allowing you to see colors and definition accurately.

Developed by Dr. John Nash Ott, the Ott-Lite uses a blend of phosphors to provide a natural light that won't wear on you over time like other artificial lighting can. Use it in your office to eliminate the harsh glare on your computer screen that ordinary desk lamps produce, or put it in any room of the house to simulate outdoor lighting. Designed for Ott-Lite VisionSaver lamps, this bulb provides 10,000 hours of light.

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     OttLite(R) High Definition 18W Replacement Tube