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Turn Me On: 100 Easy Ways to Use Solar Energy

Turn Me On: 100 Easy Ways to Use Solar Energy

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100 Easy Ways to Use Solar Energy

HERE COMES THE SUN! With page after page of creative and innovative ideas for using this limitless form of energy, as well as thoughtfully compiled lists of useful resources, Turn Me On is an introductory guide to understanding the exciting advances in a progressing technology that harnesses the boundless power of the sun to bring us clean, renewable energy.


Using passive and active solar energy to power and heat your home.

Honing and directing solar exposure to effectively grow your garden and cook your food.

Using basic solar techniques to reinvent everyday household chores.

Getting around powered by the sun.

Finding the latest and greatest solar products.

Helping the planet by supporting solar-focused businesses and organizations.

Michelle Kodis has written professionally about a broad range of topics, including the environment and ecology, architecture and design, health and medicine, alternative/complementary medicine, real estate and business, and more. Her articles have appeared in numerous regional and national publications, including the San Francisco Examiner Sunday magazine, E: The Environmental Magazine, Buzzworm's Earth Journal, Backpacker, The Oregonian, Oregon Magazine, Telluride Magazine, Aspen Sojourner, FlyDenver magazine, and Home magazine.

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     Turn Me On: 100 Easy Ways to Use Solar Energy