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Malta To Become World's First Smart Grid Nation


Malta, a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, has signed a deal with IBM to convert the island's electrical grid and water system into a digital smart grid. While Malta has a population which is smaller than many cities in the U.S., it is a good choice as a proof of concept due to it's size and unique challenges that it faces. Once completed, Malta will be the first country to have a national smart grid.Some of the unique challenges that Malta faces is that as an island nation, they must import all of their oil for generating electricity and also desalinate the water for human use/consumption. Both of these processes are costly from a monetary standpoint and also require alot of energy which impacts the environment. Part of the project will include replacing existing utility meters with digital meters which will allow the power company to monitor usage and also implement a variable rate system which consumers can benefit from. Another key part of the project is to digitize the country's water desalinization system so that it can run more efficiently and reduce energy consumption.