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Tendril Vantage Mobile


Previously we reported on the Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem (TREE) and how Tendril's application programming interface (API) and use of the OpenADR standard would be a benefit to their products. One example of this is the Tendril Vantage Mobile application for the Apple iPhone. The Vantage Mobile application will allow users to monitor and control the energy in their home from their iPhone, no matter where they are (as long as they have a cellphone connection). By using open standards and API's, Tendril is enabling other companies to create software applications that can work with their systems, which in turn can increase the number of users.

The application currently supports cost/usage data and price change events. New enhancements also include historical data for your utility bill and hourly/daily data which will allow users to make short term adjustments to how energy is being used in their home.

Image credit: Tendril Networks, Inc.