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Microsoft Environmental Sustainability Dashboard


As a plug-in to their Microsoft Dynamics AX business management software, Microsoft is providing their "Environmental Sustainability Dashboard" free to Dynamics AX customers. The dashboard will allow businesses to collect data needed to monitor and calculate their carbon footprint, with the goal of being able to reduce their energy usage and utility bills. Dynamics AX works with existing Microsoft products to help mid-size and large businesses improve their productivity and operational efficiency.

We previously reported on the release of the Google PowerMeter. The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard will now put Microsoft and Google in competition with each other yet again. The main difference being that the Google PowerMeter will be a free online service to residential homeowners and businesses and Microsoft's Environmental Sustainability Dashboard requires purchasing the Microsoft Dynamics AX product, which is used by businesses only. While the two products differ in their approach, they both share the same goal of being able to analyze energy consumption so that users can save on their utility bills and lower their carbon emmissions.