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NRG Energy To Develop 500 Megawatt Solar Projects


NRG Energy announced a project to develop 3 solar power plants in southern California and the Southwest, which could total up to 500 Megawatts of clean energy. This will be NRG's first solar power project and the solar plants will be built using concentrating solar power technology provided by eSolar.

eSolar's design is similar in concept to the BrightSource Energy "Luz Power Tower", in that it uses a field of reflective heliostats to concentrate the sun's rays onto a thermal receiver (a.k.a. power tower). Water is pumped into the thermal receiver so that it can be converted to steam by the heat from the concentrated solar rays. The steam is then used to power a turbine to generate the electricity. The eSolar design also reuses the steam after it passes through the turbine by cooling it, which converts it back to water, so that the water can be fed back into the system. eSolar uses a modular design where multiple 46 Megawatt power units can be combined to scale up for large installations. Each power unit contains 16 power towers.

For more information visit NRG Energy and eSolar.