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Tech Watch Update: SolFocus 1100S CPV


SolFocus 1100S Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV)The new 1100S Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) from SolFocus uses reflective optics to concentrate sunlight onto solar cells where the sunlight is magnified 500 times from the original incoming sun rays. The solar cells used by the 1100S system use only 1/1000th the material of photovoltaic cells, which reduces costs, and are also much more efficient. The 1100S uses a tracking system to follow the sun's movement throughout the day to maximize the system's performance. In November of 2008, SolFocus signed a lucrative $103 million deal with EMPE Solar in Spain to install CPV solar in multiple locations in the country. The projects will total more than 10 megawatts and when completed in 2010, will be able to provide electricity to 40,000 residents.For more information, visit