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Europe looking to import solar power from Northern Africa


Image credit: TREC
Looking to harness the power of the vast amount of sunlight that shines on the Sahara desert, the European Union is backing multiple projects to import solar energy from Northern Africa into Europe. Guenther Oettinger, the European Energy Commissioner, recently stated that Europe will begin importing solar energy from Northern Africa within the next 5 years. Numerous projects will contribute towards helping Europe reach its goal of generating 20% of its energy from renewable sources by the year 2020, but the majority will eventually come from the Desertec solar initiative. Desertec is a long range, multi-billion dollar project that will supply Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa with energy from renewable sources, with fossil fuels as a backup. The European Union is currently backing the construction of power transmission cables along the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea to transport energy from Northern Africa to Europe.