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Yet Another Record Deal for BrightSource Energy


BrightSource EnergyIn February, we reported on BrightSource Energy signing the world's largest solar energy deal with Southern California Edison for 1,300 Megawatts of electricity. BrightSource has now broken its own record and signed a deal with PG&E for 1,310 Megawatts of electricity. The deal includes seven solar facilities that will be built in California's Mojave Desert by 2017.

An area of concern for BrightSource is navigating its way through the license approval process in California. Estimates for when the licenses will be approved put their projects behind schedule by several months and the company is also dependent on energy transmission lines being installed. As an alternative, BrightSource is also investigating building power plants in Nevada where they can get their projects approved faster.

The deal with PG&E brings BrightSource up to an impressive 40% of all large scale solar deals in the United States.

Image Credit: BrightSource Energy