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Energy Smart Miami


A new green technology initiative was announced in Miami which aims to connect almost all of the homes and businesses in Miami-Dade County to a new smart grid by the year 2011. The project comes with a hefty price tag of $200 million, but approximately $100 million of the funding will come from the Obama administration's federal stimulus plan.The Energy Smart Miami project is a collaborative effort between industry heavyweights and also a green technology startup company.

Florida Power & Light is the local utility company which will be tying everything together. FPL will be installing smart meters provided by General Electric in all of the county's homes and businesses. These bi-directional meters will allow FPL to communicate with the home electrical system to monitor and control electricity use. The monitoring and control will be provided by software from California based startup company Silver Spring Network. Silver Spring's design is based on an open architecture which will allow different systems to work together. Cisco Systems is also involved in the project and will be providing hardware and network technology.

An early pilot program will consist of approximately 1,000 homes which will have smart meters and thermostats installed. For more information vist: Florida Power & Light, General Electric, Silver Spring Network and Cisco Systems.