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2009 Aptera 2e


Image credit: jurvetson
The three-wheeled all electric 2009 Aptera 2e is soon to become a reality. Aptera is planning on making its 2e model available in California later this year, where it will be classified as a motorcycle because of its three-wheeled design. Some specifications include:
  • 100 miles per charge
  • Charges in 8 hours on a standard 110V household outlet
  • 336V lithium iron phosphate battery (weighs 500 pounds)
  • Seats 2
  • Approximately 1500 pounds
  • 90 mph top speed
  • Equivalent of 70 horsepower
  • $25,000 to $40,000 price tag
The Aptera 2e also has other eco features such as interior fabric that is made from recycled materials and the dome lights use LED bulbs. There's also an "Efficiency Meter" for realtime energy usage monitoring. One of the design goals of the Aptera was to minimize wind drag and the designers liken its shape to that of a bird. The wind drag coefficient is 0.15, which even beats the 0.25 coefficient for the new Toyota Prius.

The company is also developing plug-in hybrid and gas versions of the Aptera. They are predicting 250 mpg for the hybrid model and 100 mpg for the gas powered model.