Maximize Your MPG Checklist

Save gas, money and the environment all at the same time.

While Driving...

Minimize braking

Look ahead and anticipate having to stop. Use this time to take your foot off the gas and begin coasting so that your car slows down before you need to apply the brakes.

Ease up with your lead foot

Accelerating and decelerating very quickly use more gas and cause you to wear your brakes down quicker.

Stop idling

Did you know that idling your car for 10 seconds uses more gas than is needed to start your car? Plus, a growing number of municipalities have police officers ticketing drivers who idle their cars outside of stores.

Drive a fuel efficient car

The automotive industry is increasingly investing in hybrid, electric and fuel cell technology cars.

Don't weigh down your car

The more stuff you keep in your car, the heavier it gets. The heavier your car gets, the more gas that it uses. Take some time to clean out your car.

Plan your itinerary ahead of time

Map out your route before you get in the car to help decrease the number of miles that you drive.

Turn off the air conditioning

A/C puts additional strain on the motor.

Slow down

The faster you drive, the harder the motor has to work.

Keep your windows closed

Open windows increase drag and forces your motor to work harder to maintain it's speed.

Use cruise control

Let your car's computer maintain a constant speed for you to minimize accelerating/decelerating.


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